YuVue Grows its Advisory Board

We’re thrilled to announce that Josh Anisfeld from the Zeno Group is joining YuVue as an advisor.

Josh is one of those marketers whose career has tracked the explosive growth of digital media. Prior to joining Zeno as VP of Digital Engagement, Josh held leadership positions at Edelman and Golin-Harris. He has collaborated with such acclaimed brands as Nissan/Infinity, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Quaker Oats, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Dove, growing them across Josh Headshot 11-11digital, mobile and social media. We’re delighted that he’ll be helping us to build the YuVue brand.

When we asked him what he found most compelling about YuVue, he said, “the company has the potential to organize the Wild West of user generated content by ensuring that creators are properly compensated for their work and that media outlets have fast, easy access to the best of citizen journalism.”

Josh joins another distinguished YuVue advisor, Tim Hanlon, founding CEO of the Vertere Group and one of the most influential thought leaders in the concentric fields of media, marketing and technology. Tim was previously Managing Director of the Interpublic Group’s Velociter and EVP/Managing DIrector of Public Grope’s VivaKi Ventures. In those roles Tim has served as an advisor or director for over four dozen start-ups while managing successful exits for many of them, including such impactful companies as Sling Media, Brightcove and Navic Networks.

Learn more about Tim, follow Josh on Twitter and you’ll see why we’re so fortunate to have them on our board of advisors.


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