Riding the Citizen Journalist Wave at the Dublin Web Summit

by Karen McLaughlin

One of the essential truths of citizen journalism is that “authenticity has replaced authority” in terms of what consumers of news – and therefore media companies – value about news coverage.  That’s what Gigaom’s Mathew Ingram is reporting from last week’s Dublin Web Summit: “…it means that many people (not all, of course, but many) are willing to pay more attention to sources of information that they believe are close to an event, rather than to traditional sources of sober, objective second-hand or third-hand information.” [more here…]

Ingram goes on to discuss the increasing importance of real-time “flow” in how we report and consume news and the increasingly valuable currency of speed and immediacy.  Ingram says, “…traditional media like newspapers or even television mostly lose.”  But it doesn’t have to be that  way.  YuVue can help everyone win: traditional media and the citizen journalist.

The heart of our mission and business model at YuVue is to directly connect eye-witness observers of breaking and trending news events with the media companies and the audiences that value that content.   Where we differ from Twitter and Instagram (the services Ingram discusses) is that we offer content creators the ability to manage how their work is used, to ensure they are credited and paid for it.

Technology had enabled greater credibility in first-hand accounts, empowering citizen journalists.  This has given “authenticity” new-found value.  The opportunity for us is to help citizen journalists monetize it.Web-Summit


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