YuVue – Doing Good or Doing Well?

by William Fisher

When the YuVue co-founders get together we really do talk about changing the world.  We discuss the democratization of media, the free-flow flow of information, and how to empower professional and citizen journalists.

But as our Kickstarter campaign approached, our marketing advisors (you know who you are!) urged us to stress the tangible benefits we offer our users.  Instead of “values,” they suggested we focus on “value” – as in our value proposition.  What are we offering to our Kickstarter contributors? We make it easier for media companies to find and license your work.  We also facilitate social media sharing.  “You View It, You Upload It, You Get Paid.”  All true!

photo by Aarcus Murelius

But the value of getting paid for the photos and videos you share on social media is only part of our story.  As we look today at images of protests in Mexico, Hong Kong, and Ferguson, we can actually see, hear and feel the impact of photos and videos taken by witnesses who were in the right place at the right time and happened to have their cameras ready or their smart phones in their pockets.

Getting your work in front of the media companies that value that content is our core mission at YuVue.  When you upload to us, we protect your copyright and allow you to share content via social media while directly connecting you with publishers who can license your photos and videos, all over the world.

Or as our marketing colleagues would say, we’re aiming to turn “social currency” into real currency.  Doing good and doing well aren’t incompatible.

Please support our campaign on Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/yuvue


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