Authentication – Check Your Facts!

by William Fisher

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at YuVue is: how do you authenticate photos and videos?  Verifying the authenticity of contributions (so-called user generated content or UGC) has been a major obstacle to professional media outlets’ widespread adoption of photo and video content gathered by eye-witnesses.

At YuVue, our solution is based around the built-in capabilities of the smartphone: date/time stamping and geo-location.  These features allows us automatically to establish the provenance of a photo or video, and our platform can detect any modification to the images.  Our ability to get in touch with the contributor directly (or to put a media organization in direct contact with the contributor) provides a further tool for verification, as does our team’s ability to reach out to third-parties, which include a handful of companies who specialize in UGC authentication.

A commitment to constantly improving means of validation, authentication, and fact-checking is central to YuVue.  And we believe that, ironically, the proliferation of UGC will ultimately make the task easier, as the increasing volume of POV content will enhance our ability to use multiple submissions to “triangulate” the accuracy of images.

We’re not alone in that view.  Check out Matthew Ingram’s article in today’s GigaOm on why – in spite of some recent high-profile exceptions – media coverage has never been more accurate.


Noted Photojournalist Rob Hart Joins YuVue as Advisor

by William Fisher

We’re delighted to announce that Rob Hart, award-winning photojournalist, educator and media industry figure, has become a member of the company’s board of advisors.

Rob is President of the Illinois Press Photographers Association, a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, and previously spent 12 years working for the Chicago Sun-Times Media. His popular blog – – recounts his life as a working photojournalist after the Chicago media group laid off its entire photography staff in 2013. The Chicago Journalist Association named him one its 2013 Journalists of the Year – along with his fellow former Sun-Times team members.

Photographer Rob Hart

Photographer Rob Hart

Rob is more than a great photographer: he’s a shining example of how journalistic talent can flourish in the midst of the ongoing upheaval that is challenging the media industry. It’s true that the Sun-Times layoffs became a national news item last year – it was even covered by Stephen Colbert. But the real story is how great photojournalists like Rob can successfully navigate change and succeed in finding new outlets for their work.

When I asked him what excited him about YuVue, he said: “The news business is changing and photojournalism must change with it. YuVue is using technology and innovation to create more opportunities for photographers and videographers, and I’m thrilled to be able to help.”

Rob will work with us on all aspects of product development. In particular, he’ll be guiding us in our nation-wide January Beta test, which begins right after we finish our Kickstarter campaign. Rob a leader in the profession and we’re honored to have him on the team.



“Popular in Photography” on Kickstarter!

By Karen McLaughlin
It’s been an exciting first week on Kickstarter for the YuVue team.  As we were planning our launch, we thought the Technology/Apps category was the place for us, because our vision is for everyone – both pro shooters and enthusiasts alike – to use our app so they can protect, share and earn revenue from their imagery.
But when we got feedback from photographers that it was a little hard to find us, we moved to Kickstarter’s Photography category. And just 24 hours later we became the third most popular project in that section… out of 6,083 projects!
It turns out this change of neighborhood has brought us clos10357737_751882814896304_7641426063196589811_oer to photographers, videographers, and GoPro shooters across the board. After all, they’re the ones who have invested most in their passion and are eager to get their work in front of media companies and to get paid for the photos and videos they create and share on social media. Thanks to them, and to the outpouring of support we received yesterday, we are over a third of the way to our funding goal!
And by making a donation starting at only $25 – backers can secure their username before the crowd and have early-adopter access and exposure.
We’ll be taking our message to the photography blogs and journalists this week and are asking all of our followers to help spread the word!  Please help us reach our goal and share this link to our Kickstarter campaign:   Keep following, liking and re-tweeting us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook:

And thanks to everyone who has supported us on Kickstarter so far!