Authentication – Check Your Facts!

by William Fisher

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at YuVue is: how do you authenticate photos and videos?  Verifying the authenticity of contributions (so-called user generated content or UGC) has been a major obstacle to professional media outlets’ widespread adoption of photo and video content gathered by eye-witnesses.

At YuVue, our solution is based around the built-in capabilities of the smartphone: date/time stamping and geo-location.  These features allows us automatically to establish the provenance of a photo or video, and our platform can detect any modification to the images.  Our ability to get in touch with the contributor directly (or to put a media organization in direct contact with the contributor) provides a further tool for verification, as does our team’s ability to reach out to third-parties, which include a handful of companies who specialize in UGC authentication.

A commitment to constantly improving means of validation, authentication, and fact-checking is central to YuVue.  And we believe that, ironically, the proliferation of UGC will ultimately make the task easier, as the increasing volume of POV content will enhance our ability to use multiple submissions to “triangulate” the accuracy of images.

We’re not alone in that view.  Check out Matthew Ingram’s article in today’s GigaOm on why – in spite of some recent high-profile exceptions – media coverage has never been more accurate.


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