Photography is for Anyone – and Everyone

“Is photography meant only for the rich?”  That’s a question we recently stumbled upon in this Quora thread.

Our answer: a resounding “of course not!”

There’s no denying you can spend a good deal of money on pro equipment.  But inexpensive digital cameras do an excellent job too.  (Check out the side-by-side comparison on Quora of photos taken with both professional grade and inexpensive cameras.)  And if you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve already got a great camera in your hand.

This is a good thing.  It facilitates the on-the-spot documentation of the events and issues of our times. It allows us to visually connect near and far, and to foster robust dialog. And we believe it helps more people appreciate the challenge of creating truly great photographs.

There can be a world of difference between “taking” pictures and “making” pictures.  The great thing about photography is that by studying subject matter, lighting & composition, and shooting as often as possible, you can improve tremendously.  Photography can be very personal.  But it is also a skill that can be honed through practice.

That’s where YuVue comes in.  Our aim is to democratize the licensing opportunities for any visual image maker, whether professional or aspiring pro.  Photography is meant for everyone – just as proper compensation for the use of a great picture should be.


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