Instagram Pix Make The Front Page!

Thanks to Katie Hawkins-Gaar of the Poynter Institute for calling attention to an historical event – at least for those of us who follow great moments in Citizen Journalism.  Yesterday’s front page of The New York times featured no less than 9 Instagram photos – images sent to The Times in response to the paper’s request that readers share their pix of this week’s snowstorm.

Hawkins-Gaar thinks it’s the first time that user-generated photos have made it directly from the creators to the front page of The Times’ print edition.  (A previous Instagram pic that appeared on the front page had been licensed through an agency.)

The paper credited the photographers by name (though not by their Instagram handles).  However, it didn’t inform them their work would be published – let alone on the front page.  It doesn’t seem that The Times paid any of the contributors.  But then they didn’t promise to do so in their request for submissions.  Nor did they state their terms of use.

Still in all, a very interesting development.  We hope Ms. Hawkins-Gaar will follow up on the story and also get some comments from The Times.


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