We’ve Launched! Now Accepting Photo and Video Submissions via Twitter

by William Fisher

Yesterday we announced that YuVue will be accepting contributor submissions via Twitter: simply upload a photo or video in a Tweet, add the hashtag #YuVue, and we take it from there.

We will still be releasing our own uploader app (available for iOS and Android in the coming weeks), which will give contributors a direct pipeline to YuVue.

So why would we want to use what is arguably the most public-facing of all social media platforms as a conduit for our contributors’ valuable content?  And how do you monetize photos and videos that can be viewed for free on Twitter?

By Putting Social First and By Breaking Some Windows

The traditional “monetization paradigm” of the film and TV industries was based on a sequence of licensing “windows.”  Content was released successively from small to increasingly larger audiences: first in movie theaters, then in various home entertainment formats, followed by pay television and ad-supported TV.

Thereafter, all bets were off: you rolled the dice and licensed to on-line or “over-the-top” operators, trading your analog dollars for digital pennies (in the famous words of former NBC president Jeff Zucker).

So-called “user-generated” visual content, of course, is a completely different animal: many of our contributors share very valuable images and video first on social sites.  YuVue’s unique use of metadata and automation adds value by enabling publishers, media outlets and brands to be able to discover and license that content from the creator quickly, easily and legitimately.  That’s our secret sauce.

By using Twitter (in addition to our own app), we make uploading and monetizing content as simple as possible for contributors.  It also turns the entire Twittersphere of 280 million monthly active users into our potential contributor base – which makes YuVue a more valuable source of visual content for everyone.  We plan to offer YuVue contributors the ability to upload via Instagram in the coming weeks, with other platforms to follow.

Our goal is to allow our contributors to upload once and monetize everywhere.  And to give publishers and brands immediate access to the greatest range possible of vetted, licensable high-quality visual content.  Even if that means breaking some windows.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go to http://www.yuvue.com, sign-up/login, and link your YuVue and Twitter accounts.  Then start tweeting your photos and videos to us!